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3D Printing

Reduce Both Your Costs and Time.

FDM machines printing in a wide range of materials including ABS, HIPS, PLA, Nylon, Co Polyesters, TPE, Composites including Wood, Brass Copper, carbon fibre. Perfect for enclosures, jigs, physical prototypes and end use products.

High resolution resin printers (SLA) that can produce items in incredible detail, materials are designed to match the properties of ABS, Polypropylene, flexible and high temp (up to 289 deg C) and specific resins for jewellery investment casting. Uses include prototyping with incredible accuracy and producing high resolution masters for mould making.

Looking to get a product produced in low volumes and need 1 – 1,000 pieces, where injection moulding would be cost prohibitive? Enquire about Micro Factory Manufacturing the high quality / affordable option, where items can be 3d printed in volume.


Consumer Products


Rapid Prototyping
Design Iteration
End Use Parts
Tool Making
Mould Making
Functional Testing
Model Making
Low Volume Production
SLA Printed Parts
3d printed control knob
3d printed parts
3d print


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We review you model and if all is fine, it is added to the print queue.

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We print and Ship the parts to you.

Material Usage


Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a versatile biopolymer often used for low cost models due to its ease of printing, lack of warping, cost and is available in a huge range of colours. Downsides of PLA are it is very rigid so breaks easily under impact or elongation and has a low glass temperature so will soften at 60deg C.


Where a part is planned to be used as an end use product or will need to be more than just a form and fit model then consider engineering grade materials, such as ABS, HIPS, Co Polymers, Nylons, Poly carbonate and Composite Materials. Generally more use in the real world due to the properties of impact resistance, higher temperature resistance, dimensional accuracy and easier finishing (sanding and painting).

If looking for ultra high resolution prints, then the SLA printer has resins designed to match ABS or Polyurethane in properties or flexible and High Temp options.


With the advanced materials, there are the added options of additional finishing, including shot-blasting, painting, coatings including metal plating and threaded insert installation.

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